Thursday, October 16, 2014

I got to sleep an extra hour today.  We have parent conferences today to hand out report cards from ten o'clock until six o'clock.  My kids are getting to enjoy the day off and are sleeping late this morning.  We are finally starting to get some nice fall weather here.  It is 48 degrees outside this morning.  I just love fall weather!  I also love all of the fall decorations I have been seeing at school.  I will try to go around and take some pictures today and post them tomorrow.  

Today I wanted to share a freebie with you.   I made this quick game to review where, were, and we're with a few of my kids.  I threw in was, too.  This game is pretty much self explanatory.  I taped the sentence strips to my filing cabinet and put magnets on the pumpkins.  You could also use a pocket chart or just lay them on the floor or table.  I hope someone else can use it.  I hope you have a great day!

This freebie can be found here in my TPT store.  

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