Sunday, August 9, 2015

Moving on Up

Complete 360 of my new room.  

(I love the pano setting on my phone's camera!)

I moved up the sidewalk this year.   I must have been crazy on the next to last day of school last year. I volunteered to change classrooms.  I had one good reason.  That reason was this....

This is one of only 4 rooms in our entire school that has a closet.  This thing is huge!  Because of my job I have lots of intervention binders to keep up with.   This is the perfect place to store them out of site.  I painetd my room this summer.  This closet will get a paint job next summer.

Now for a tour of my room. . .  (insert drumroll)

When you enter my room this wall is to the right of the door.  This is my Super Improver wall.  I bought it on TPT here.

Looking on around the room is this spot.  This is a table for assistants and volunteers to use when working with students.

This is the back of my classroom.  I love having these big cabinets.  I also love the counter space for working on projects.  The closet is behind the door on the right.  There is a small bathroom  behind the door on the left.  

This is the wall directly across from you when you enter the room.  Here is a closer look.  On the right is my assistant's area.

My assistant's table and desk.  She is pregnant.  I have got to get her a new chair.  On a side note, I have been blessed with many wonderful assistants over the years, but I have a great one right now.  She organized the closet last week.  I never have to ask her to do anything because she can see what needs to be done and does it.  I love her!

This is the area between my desk and my assistant's desk.  Kids will sit here while they are waiting for their turn to work with us if the previous kids aren't quite finished yet.  Our school theme is Pirates this year.   Instead of spending a ton of money (from my own pocket) on pirate decorations I decided to invest in several pirate books to use as decorations also.

This is my desk area that I will not be using very much.

I didn't remember to take a picture of the area where I work with students, but if you look to the left in this picture you can see my table.  

This board (sorry about the fuzzy pictures, my camera was on the wrong setting) is behind my table.  It is also where my new Promethean is going if they ever come to install it.  : )  

We started school a week and a half ago.  We had four days of "robust staff development" (our new superintendent's words which is another post coming soon), an Open House (which I think should be called Meet the Teacher Night), and three days with students.  My students come to me starting tomorrow.  I can't wait.  This year I am working with students who are weak in phonics using the Barton Reading and Spelling program.  More to come on that in the future.    I hope you enjoyed this tour of my room.  Painting it was hard work, but it was totally worth it.  I also got the paint for $5/gallon which was really nice.  That is a story for another day if anyone is interested in hearing it.  See ya later!

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